Meet Andy

I am a counsellor who is passionate about making a difference and helping people to rediscover their own strengths and resources. Supporting them to make the changes that enable them to break free of the anxiety, stress and destabilising emotions they have become locked into.



In therapy, I help you to break free of limiting beliefs, learn to moderate emotions and stay in control of situations you didn’t use to.

If you suffer from debilitating anxiety, stress or depression, let me help you break free... 

and regain control of your life.  


"I was really surprised at how easy it was this time. The hypnosis finally stopped all the cravings! "

JAS, Lady Bay

" Do not hesitate to see Andy if you need help. He is such a lovely person that you feel completely at ease with him and a fantastic therapist"

JH, Loughborough

"He was brilliant and was able to help everyone, each with very differing needs. He changes lives for the better."


I"It is very rare to find such an intuitive, kind and compassionate therapist as Andy."



Many more years ago than I now care to think about (!), I was in the Army, so I am keen to work with any serving member of our armed forces, or forces veterans, who have been affected by events in the service of our country.