Everybody gets anxious at times, after all it’s a human survival mechanism to stop us taking unnecessary risks. But excessive anxiety is both distressing and debilitating and can severely curtail a person’s ability to lead a normal and fulfilling life.


Anxiety is a state with three component parts, the physical sensations (e.g., shortness of breath, tension, pounding heart, sweating), the emotions you get with these sensations and the negative ‘what if’ thoughts, that you get whilst this is going on.  These anxious thoughts, which can be obsessive, are focused on events which may be real or imagined, and anticipating disaster or some impending catastrophe.


I have a lot of experience helping people learn how to reduce stress and manage their anxiety and have found that many people can be helped to do this in just a few sessions.  In counselling I help you to understand what is going on and how to take back control.  Techniques to help you relax and control unhelpful thinking patterns are important starting points, and these skills then become invaluable throughout your life.


I have supported a University Department with a workplace Stress Management Programme.


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