Breaking free from your Anxiety and Depression cloud...

Anxiety and Depression are the two most common mental health issues in the world, and the World Health Organization says that the return on investing in these two key areas could be fourfold or more. Yet our government has cut services, leaving people who need support with few options and often long waiting lists.

Anxiety and Depression are very treatable and it’s important therefore that people get help early. It doesn’t help anyone for these conditions to be left to deepen, although many people will eventually come through depression of their own accord, as circumstances and environmental factors around them change for the better.

Not surprisingly there is a strong link between anxiety and depression. When things go wrong in a person’s life and their emotional needs aren’t being met, then inevitably most will start to worry. If this worrying becomes excessive, it starts to affect their quality of sleep. Serious sleep disruption can then lead to lack of energy, motivation and depression.

So the key is for people to focus on how to resolve issues adversely impacting their emotional needs and to stop that excessive worrying. If people are finding it difficult to do this, then therapy can be a very good solution, because it can help with the first crucial step of teaching people how to calm down and relax. When we are very anxious we literally can’t think straight and lose all perspective on our situation. This means we are unable to identify the actions required to get out of the mess we are in.

Relaxation also needs to be complemented with cognitive behavioral techniques, so that once people have started to calm down and can think again, they are taught how to deal with those often critical, unhelpful and catastrophic thought patterns that fuel the anxiety. The bottom line is, you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to listen to what isn’t helpful.

When I’m working with you I always teach relaxation techniques at the very beginning, as well as ways of thinking in a more healthy way. Once that is achieved, I can help you to access your resources (many people, at this stage, have forgotten what resourceful people they are) and start that key process of breaking free of that prison and looking forwards, ….building a positive future.

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