In therapy, I work collaboratively with the client, to help you start to get their emotional needs balanced and met, and thus to regain control of your lives. I do this by providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment in which to enable an individual to fully explore difficult emotional and behavioural issues, helping you to break free of limiting beliefs, learn to moderate emotions and stay in control of situations you didn’t use to.


I will help you to learn the skills necessary to take back control of your life and break free.  My aim is always that an individual can finish therapy as a much more resourceful person, and one capable of dealing with whatever challenges life throws up in the future.


Since first training as a counsellor in 2005, I have gone on to qualify in a number of different therapeutic approaches.

Everybody is different and so I believe that therapy requires flexibility to achieve the best results. Neuroscience, psychology and the art of therapy is constantly changing and developing, I believe it is important for me to keep abreast of new thinking and to incorporate that into my practice. Using this broad skills base, I work in partnership with you, to find a safe, positive, helpful way forward.. 

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